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Triathlon Coaching
Novice coaching in the UK's fastest growing sport of triathlon. Sheffield & Peak District based
RacingTNT-Triathlon Team offers novice and intermediate athletes opportunity to develop their triathlon skills and experience.

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RacingTNT Triathlon Team

Over 400 athletes of all abilities are currently active and having fun with RacingTNT Triathlon Team. Join us now!

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On-going sessions continue to engage a diverse range of athletes taking part in training and coached activities in the Peak District, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Session participation continues to go from strength to strength with training showing dividends at local, national and international races.

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Individual and Group Coaching:- Open water swim skills Front crawl technique, drafting and sighting. Bike technique Set-up and position, pedalling, cornering, hill climbing, descending and group riding. Spin Bike Workouts Intervals, aero-position, time trial. Run sessions Fartlek, intervals, reps, hills, pace judgement and speedwork. Advice & Mentoring Brick sessions, heart rate zones, mental attitude, tapering, turbo training and weight training.

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RacingTNT is a registered British Triathlon Federation Team
based in the Yorkshire and East Midlands region
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